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It snows and it brings us customer

VIEW:   DATE:2018-12-12 11:47

It snows and reminds me of 2017 when it also had a heavy snow and we got inquiry for ratchet wrench 19mm 22mm with plastic handle from Mr. T.
Mr. T is from Sweden, and he is a kind man with understanding as our production workshop was collapsed due to heavy snow, no one injured, by Grace of God. Then we had to tell him that leading time will be delayed, force of God, but also it's our fault that we didnot build strong enough workshop to produce. Mr. T said"It is sad to hear what happened to your workshop, but happy to hear you are all good, is not the end of world, we can wait for your company to rebuild". What he said encouraged us to move forward as soon as possible to get back to normal production, and we build new workshop, brushed them and marked direction symbol on the ground, updated new advanced machines to make ratchet spanners precisely and efficiently.
After one month, we got those plastic handle ratchet wrenches ready for delivery and shipping, and then when Mr. T got his products, he was very happy with our quality and quick feedbacks during production, and our one month delay caused no inconvinience to him because of his market was of low demand for ratchet wrenches as winter there it was, then repeated order from him, small quantity but we are all happy.
We are happy to work with customers to tie it over no matter which part is in need of help and support, that means more than just orders and money, we take our customers order as ours, and we should make them with all our out, "You scratch my back and I scratch yours".


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