We been asked many times:” for podger rathcets, hex or bi-hex socket is better for me?”

It deponds.

Hex socket is made with 6 points, thus the flanks are thicker than those of a 12 points socket, as torque can be evenly applied on each side of the hex nut, as a result 6-point socket help reduce wear or rounding on the nut corners.But bi-hex socket is more requested, as it has twice points than hex socket, you will find is easier to fit onto a hex nut or bolt, and further more 12 points means less rotation, this can be seen as time-saver especially when you work within confined spaces.We have both hex podger ratchets and bi-hex podger ratchets, please take a look and if you still have further questions, just feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to be at your service.



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