30" bolt cutter


  • Single handle adjustment
  • Hot forged T8 blades and blade holder
  • Toggle joint between blade and steel tubing is forged
  • High strength steel tubing covered with soft grip handle
  • Wide size from 12inch to max 48inch
  • Powder coating finishing for durable protection against rust
  • Cutting capacity: steel up to 70/80 kg/mm2


Size Overall Legnth Cutter Capacity Packing/Master Box
12inch 300mm Max 4mm 30pcs
14inch 350mm Max 5mm 20pcs
18inch 450mm Max 6mm 16pcs
24inch 600mm Max 8mm 12pcs
30inch 750mm Max 10mm 6pcs
36inch 900mm Max 12mm 6pcs
42inch 1050mm Max 14mm 4pcs
48inch 1200mm Max 16mm 4pcs


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