This is the strongest reversible ratchet we ever made, it has same torque value like Hazet 916Hp, but ours is quick release type!

DIN 3122 is 512 N-m, ours is 1022 N-m, almost double!

1/2" reversible ratchet torque test report

What it takes to make this happen with lower cost than those Taiwanese supplier?

Reversible ratchet we use to test is our newest version 90 teeth type, there are several features that makes them standing out.

1. Screwless design: there is no screw on their pear heads, so it takes less steps to assemble or dismantle. this is the most eye-catched features superficially.

screwless design

2. Single pawl with more teeth:there are two pawls in traditional 24T, 45T or 72T reversible ratchets, 3 teeth at each pawl so we have grand total of 6 teeth. Now our 90T type is made only one pawl but more teeth up to 13, more teeth means more engagement between gear and pawl, thus better torque performance is possible.

reversible ratchets with different teeth

3. Structure: traditional reversible ratchets are made with wide pear head with upper chamber and low chamber, which is less compact for parts inside. Our 90 teeth type is designed with one senior chamber, parts that bear torques are all fit into the senior chamber, while junior chamber is only for switch, plus senior chamber is triangle shape which fundamentally undertakes torque force better than traditional upper-low champer type.

different chamfer design

4. Square drive material: we choose higher grade alloy steel to customize square drive, which outraces those on traditional reversible ratchets, and plus unique heating techiniques we explored with our heating treatment partner, to guarantee our 90Teeth reversible ratchet high torque and durable performance.

90 teeth square drive

Ratchets with more teeth like 90 is never synonym of high torque, only after years of exploration and improvement, we make these strongest version in massive production. Chiree will always keep grinding on our tools for better performance and value.Reversible Ratchet 1/2" 90 tooth quick release



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